Unlocking efficiencies using technology

In both our professional and personal lives, we have increasingly become more dependent on and appreciative of technology. Technology has empowered businesses around the globe to create workforces that are more productive, efficient, and innovative. In our personal lives, technology has brought us closer to people who might be in different geographical locations, as well as allowed us to access information from all over the world. In fact, technology has become a central part of daily interactions, decision-making processes, and even a competitive advantage. Technology plays a vital role in maximising efficiencies across industries and has only become increasingly important and prominent as more employees have begun remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are a few tips on how your business can unlock additional efficiencies by using technology.

Start implementing productivity apps

A worker can be defined by the tools they use, and the same can be said for people in a business. The good news is that there are thousands of applications that are designed to streamline your business and increase productivity across your teams. These apps empower businesses to easily share documents, collaborate on projects, communicate, and keep track of tasks to not only ensure that jobs are being done correctly, but also increase general productivity business-wide. Many of these apps are offered entirely free at a certain level of service, these apps also sync between desktop and mobile versions so they can be viewed on the go. Apps such as Slack, Trello, Basecamp, Asana, and countless others increase efficiency without strain or effort. The bulk of these have the added advantage of having prepopulated templates that can be used.   

Backup software

Any business that operates in modern times will typically generate many gigabytes (and maybe even terabytes) of data. This data may include customer information, trades with suppliers, investments, and trade secrets. Losing access to this data could potentially collapse a business. Regardless of where you are in your digital migration, legislation and rules may mandate that your company keeps a record of some of this data. Many businesses have fallen victim to malicious software and hackers. Data breaches are bad news and lead to losses in customer trust and brand reputation – which can be costly for businesses of all sizes. It is important to stay vigilant and ensure you have enterprise backup software as well as recovery and continuity tools. These are tools that use Artificial Intelligence to flag any suspicious files and software. This technology cannot only save your company during an attack, but cover the company if data is lost internally.

Employees empowerment and improved service through technology

The beauty of technology is also that you can empower your employees with tech-enabled tools to help them exceed. There are multiple platforms that can assist employees to complete their tasks quicker and more efficiently. By implementing new technology, employees cannot only decrease turnaround time but also provide better quality work and customer service. Technology empowers businesses to provide great customer service by creating apps that can handle customer issues, scheduler appointments, or conduct surveys to help speed up the innovative process with constructive feedback. A good business should constantly improve customers experience and journey.

There has also been a growing demand of online learning tools. This is also a more cost-effective method of upskilling your workforce, without the complexities of having them have to physically attend classes. The progress of each employee can be monitored as they progress with their courses.

Facilitate payments

Web-based payment systems can truly help businesses thrive, especially in times when in-store customers have to be limited due to the pandemic. Sending and receiving money online makes your business more accessible and flexible, opening up an entirely new customer segment to help your business grow. 

Technology is one of the most effective and fastest ways of taking your business to new heights. Whether you run a huge corporation or are just starting – technology can be the ultimate solution to gaining a completive advantage and unmatched growth.

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