Taking better care of your clients in the new year

A great New Year’s resolution for every business should be to find ways to better service their customers. As a business, you can offer the best product or service on the market, but if your clients don’t feel valued then they won’t stay loyal. Clients are the lifeline of any business – good customers will not only return but also recommend you to others.

Many organisations are so focused on chasing new leads that they forget to recognise the importance of existing clients. If a business is too busy developing the ‘hard’ skills that employees need to do their job well but then don’t prioritize improving soft skills, it could be detrimental in the long run. These soft skills are important as they help employees to take better care for and connect to clients leading to more meaningful relationships.

So how can you take better care of your clients? Here are three simple tips to create more value for your consumers.

Deliver a superior service

To ensure your business succeeds it’s vital to constantly innovate in order to consistently outperform competitors. If offers are constantly improving, clients will feel valued and satisfied with your service – making them more likely to recommend you to their network. An important part of delivering a superior service is to ensure excellent customer service. Make business personal and get to know your clients to better understand their needs. The better your relationship with the client is, the easier it will be to maintain it and provide more value. Address customers by their first name, remember personal titbits mentioned in meetings – this shows you care not just about the transaction but also the person.

Be present when interacting with clients

In today’s world, ever-evolving technology can make the business world complex, which is why it’s often the simple things that make your clients feel valued. When interacting with your clients, whether in person or virtually, ensure that you are giving them your full attention. Stop replying to emails during your video calls or taking ‘important’ calls when meeting them in the office – instead, ensure that you give them your full focus. As a leader, you should set the example of how to interact with clients, so employees learn how to effectively handle client interactions.

Improve customer touchpoints

Consistency is key, map out every contact or touch point your clients have with the organisation to see how you can improve upon them. Contact your clients weekly, confirm your meetings 24 hours in advance and ensure that they have a parking space close to the entrance upon arrival. The small things can go a long way in making your clients feel appreciated. Do what you can to enhance the appearance of your offices, tidying up or hang up artwork to heighten your professionalism.

A key thing to remember when taking better care of your clients is to remain positive, you don’t have to sugar coat things but it’s important to focus on the good and find solutions to the bad. As a business have the mentality to go the extra mile and your clients will not only notice but appreciate the effort. By improving your care for clients, you increase the value your business offers, creating more meaningful and longer-lasting client relationships. 

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