About Us


We are digital accountants that focus on Small, Medium and Micro-enterprises (SMMEs) in South Africa, giving them access to the correct strategies and tools to help them grow. From funding, forecasting, budgeting and everything in-between, we are here to help small businesses on their journey to success.

We want to be a part of the solution to the unemployment crisis in South Africa, and Africa as a whole, so we’re proactive when it comes to dealing with government and the effect of regulations on SMMEs. We also involve the public sector by encouraging their support of the growth of SMMEs through funding, enterprise, and supplier development.


We believe in empowering our people and clients with skills and information to enable both career and business growth.
We strive for excellence in everything we do and deliver the highest standard of service and performance to our clients.
We thrive on innovation by challenging ourselves to find better solutions, continuously improving our processes and growing our people.
We uphold integrity in living up to what we say, doing the right thing, being honest, accountable and treating people with respect.



Depo knew early on that she wanted to be an accountant, but not just any accountant. She wanted to shake up the accounting industry – not just taking care of the numbers, but taking care of the business behind those numbers. She uses her own knowledge to pay it forward in helping small businesses grow to their full potential.

Depo graduated from the University of Cape Town and completed her articles at Deloitte, where she worked as a specialised consultant in finance transformation and financial management, all while championing projects across the African continent. She moved on to ThoughtWorks, a privately-owned global tech company, where she developed her technology strategy experience. She also owns a security solutions company, which allows her to bring her operational business experience to the Outsourced Finance table.


Malusi graduated from the University of Cape Town and completed his articles at Deloitte. He is a former McKinsey & Company consultant where he specialised in marketing and sales across industries in Africa, Europe and the Americas. Malusi has strong operational experience as the former Chief Business Development Officer at FutureLearn, as well as being the founder of consulting and pharmaceutical businesses.

Malusi’s passion for small business comes from his passion for South Africa. His determination to have a direct impact on job creation was the fuel that allowed him to create a digital accounting firm that took a new approach to business. His expertise within corporates benefits Outsourced Finance’s SMME clients – giving them knowledge and service that’s fit for big business, but which can easily be translated and tailored to their business.


We are not your average accounting firm: we don’t just crunch numbers; we provide the strategic support behind your finances to ensure high-impact growth and, most importantly, the longevity of your business.

Global support
Our cloud-based software and digital solutions mean we can offer you support no matter where you are. Our digital accountants are able to gain insights into your business using our digital accounting system; this lets the team access live data, which allows us to better support your business.

Fresh and proactive
We take a novel and hands-on approach to give you holistic support strategies to grow your business.

Quality finance support
Top accounting- and financial services should be both affordable and effective for start-ups, and now it is.

We understand funding
Funding is the fuel that fires your business, and we understand just how important it is to have the necessary cash flow at the ready to keep your business burning bright.

Certified experts
We are a team of registered Chartered Accountants (SAICA), Professional Accountants (SAIPA) and Tax Practitioners (SARS) in South Africa. Don’t worry, we know what we’re doing.

Rare mix of experience
We have experience across an unusual mix of specialities, including accounting, taxation, consulting, and entrepreneurship.

We care
Helping our clients is not just a job. We care about each and every one of our clients and want to see them succeed. After all, your business is our business.


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